Welcome to Juntos House!

Inspiring humanity to regenerate the Earth together

Our house

Juntos House is a modern farm-to-table restaurant & community with a funky outdoors cocktail bar, picnic garden & a sustainable products boutique. Juntos House is the door to the Juntos world.

The food is organic, local, fresh & small batch, showcasing the Juntos Farm produce and other carefully sourced treasures. Led by the resident chef Benoit Cadot, Juntos House kitchen puts a contemporary twist on the farm-to-table concept combining traditional cooking methods with refined, modern techniques and presentation. Special emphasis is on using the entire produce and animal in innovative ways to avoid wasting anything nature has generously provided us.

The restaurant also acts as a community space with an events program ranging from agricultural talks, game nights and live concerts to earth skills workshops. Juntos House is the window to the Juntos world, inviting everyone to enjoy life & lose track of time! Juntos House includes various areas: a main dining room, a private dining quarter, a large terrace, picnic party area, a funky outdoors cocktail bar La Pergola & a sustainable products boutique.

Sample Menu